HRLearns: Unlocking HR potential with every session.

Hello, fellow HR professionals!

HRLearns is kicking things off with an exciting collaboration with Suzanne Lucas, the renowned Evil HR Lady, for our HRLearns initiative. We’re bringing you sessions packed with groundbreaking insights to unlock HR potential with every session.

We’re thrilled to announce two upcoming webinars that are perfect for HR professionals looking to enhance their impact and navigate the evolving workplace landscape.

1. “HR Leader As Coach: Driving Performance in an Age of Disruption” with Marvin Chambers
Date & Time: April 16th, 12pm to 1pm ET
Overview: Join Marvin Chambers, a celebrated leadership coach, for a transformative session that will redefine HR leadership in the Digital Age. Learn to foster a culture of empowerment and continuous growth, enhancing your role as a coach within your organization.

2. “Beyond AI: Amping Up The Human Advantage in Talent Acquisition” with Katrina Collier
Date & Time: May 2nd, 12pm to 1pm ET
Overview: Explore effective strategies with Katrina Collier to enhance your recruitment process beyond AI capabilities. Discover how to connect authentically with top talent and make a compelling case to even the busiest hiring managers.

Both webinars are designed to offer actionable insights and strategies to help you lead with confidence and creativity in today’s dynamic work environment. Don’t miss these opportunities to learn from leading experts in the field. And they are pre-approved for recertification credit.

Reserve your spot today and transform the way you approach your HR role!

Looking forward to seeing you there,