Below are the most frequently asked questions about ConquerHR™ Boot Camps courses and registration. If you do not see your question here, contact us!

Q: Is a ConquerHR Boot Camp Right for you?

A: Attending a ConquerHR™ Boot Camp is best for those who are at least mid-way through their self-studies or instructor-led program, and exam candidates should attend no later than 2 weeks prior to their scheduled exam date.

Measure results of your preparation efforts throughout your journey by tracking and looking for trends in your quizzes and practice exam scores. Victoria encourages you to take a practice exam from your main learning resources a day or two prior to attending a live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp and a day or two after, applying what you learned and the CHR method for approaching knowledge and situational judgement test items.

Victoria’s ConquerHR study method works if you work it!

Q: What is the difference in attending a live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp class versus purchasing ConquerHR™ On Demand?

A: Whether attending a ConquerHR™ Live Boot Camp or purchasing the ConquerHR™ Boot Camp On Demand, our Boot Camps feature competency clarification, situational judgement questions, review of key terms, concepts, theories, and models, and explore valuable test-taking techniques and strategies. Our Boot Camps will give you the confidence and test-taking strategies to ensure you are as well prepared as possible. Students who attend a Live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp experience a combination of lecture, facilitated discussion, and exercises working through practice questions to contribute to exam readiness. Most HR pros are highly auditory in learning style and learn best from listening and discussing these concepts, therefore, live Boot Camp students experience the added advantage of real-time, interactive dialogue with Victoria and at least one other HR certification Subject Matter Expert (SME) during class, as well as with classmates in chat during class.

Q: Is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) available to answer questions?

A: Those who attend a live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp receive real-time interaction with Victoria and a fellow SME and they stand poised to answer questions during class. For both Live ConquerHR Boot Camp and ConquerHR Boot Camp On Demand students, Victoria and fellow ConquerHR exam prep SMEs are available to answer questions or provide clarification on troublesome concepts via customerservice@conquer-hr.com or ConquerHR’s automated messenger system and receive a response within 24 hours, Monday – Friday, 9a till 5pm, EST.  

Q: Is there a deadline to register to attend a live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp?

A: Yes, the deadline to complete registration to attend a live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp is midnight, the Monday prior to the live class. You can request to receive a registration deadline reminder by contacting customerservice@conquer-hr.com or ConquerHR’s automated messenger system for assistance.

Q: Who creates the ConquerHR™ Boot Camps course and how often is the course content and learning resources updated?

A: ConquerHR™ Boot Camps programming and learning resources are developed by Victoria Purser, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and based on current HRCI and SHRM exam content. Course programming and learning resources are carefully reviewed and updated each live Boot Camp to reflect content most likely to be reflected in current and upcoming exams.

Q: How does ConquerHR’s material compare to other similar products on the market?

A: Victoria’s ConquerHR™ Boot Camps were the first of its kind and remains the most comprehensive exam prep review learning resource on the market. 

Q. How soon will I receive my materials and how are they delivered?

A: If attending a Live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp, registered students receive pre-course learning resources digitally prior to the live class, with the remaining course learning resources delivered digitally immediately following the live class. All ConquerHR™ On-Demand Boot Camp learning resources are provided digitally at time of purchase, with clear instructions for independently working through the course learning resources. You must download the learning resources to your computer first. If you wish to utilize the MP3 or MP4 on the go, you can then transfer the files from your computer to your phone or portable device.

Q: Can I transfer my registration for a Live ConquerHRTM Boot Camp to a future Live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp date?

A: Yes, however, a small administrative fee of $25 may be charged. On a case-by- case basis, the administrative transfer fee may be waived for students experiencing a hardship. Contact customerservice@conquer-hr.com or ConquerHR’s automated messenger system for assistance.

Q: What if I lose/forget my password or username to access course learning resources?

A: Contact our storefront to request support to regain access to your account and learning resource. 

Q: There are so many study guides and LMS to choose from for my main exam prep learning resources. Which do you recommend?

A: Quality HR certification exam prep learning resources doesn’t mean most expensive but choosing based on price alone may hurt your end results. Do some research to make sure you are selecting quality learning tools developed specifically for preparing for your chosen credential and will work with your learning style. Both HRCI and SHRM list reputable study tools on their websites. Annually, Victoria publishes a free Exam Prep Learning Resource Guide with reviews and links to complete LMS, study guides, and free supplemental learning resources. This guide can be found in Guide 2 in the ConquerHR™ Facebook group. Victoria will be glad to assist with answering your questions about exam prep learning resources and make recommendations based on your background, experience, and learning style. You can reach out to Victoria via customerservice@conquer-hr.com or ConquerHR’s automated messenger system for assistance. 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We utilize Stripe and PayPal to process customer payments. You can use your PayPal account however Stripe and PayPal accept all major debit and credit cards. 

Q: My employer requires documentation to receive reimbursement for professional development training. Can you provide this?

A: Absolutely. Whether registering for a Live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp or purchasing the ConquerHR™ Boot Camp On Demand, you will receive a receipt via email immediately following confirmation of payment. Certificates of Completion are available for students who attend a Live ConquerHR™ Boot Camp by contacting customerservice@conquer-hr.com or ConquerHR’s automated messenger system and you will receive a response within 24 hours, Monday – Friday, 9a till 5pm, EST.

Q: Are any fees refundable?

A: ConquerHR, LLC stands behind the quality and professionalism of our instruction, services, and products. Your satisfaction is important to us. However, due to the nature of our Live and On Demand ConquerHR™ Boot Camp learning resources being provided digitally, all fees are non-refundable.