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Victoria Purser, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Founder of ConquerHR

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Victoria Purser, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is the founder of ConquerHR, LLC and creator of the ConquerHR® Boot Camp programs. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior level HR practitioner and consultant and has been preparing candidates for these certification exams since 2014.



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It’s easy to see why our students are raving fans of ConquerHR® Boot Camps!

“Victoria’s Bootcamp was truly the reason for earning my pass – 3 times! Prior to learning about the bootcamp, I was struggling to figure out a way to tie all of the different units and materials together. I was thrilled when I stumbled across the bootcamp because it was exactly what I needed! Victoria provided the best resources and materials, and tied everything together so flawlessly. I attended the live session and it was super informative and productive, and a day well-spent. During the last 3-4 weeks, all I did was listen to the recording & read the notes over and over. Although I was nervous about the exam, in the back of my mind, all I heard was Victoria’s voice telling me to ‘think strategic’, and that helped me get through the exam! I would recommend this program to all my friends and fellow HR professionals who plan to take any of the certification exams. It was the best decision for such an affordable investment! Thank you Victoria!!”

Nupur Arora, SHRM-CP, PHR, SPHR

Senior Human Resources Generalist

“ConquerHR Exam prep was the single most helpful resource that I used when studying for the SHRM-CP. The content was relevant, specific and engaging. Victoria was an excellent proctor, her content was well thought out, the practice questions really made you think and the best part was that I could review the content over and over using the on-demand format. I went into the exam inhaling confidence and exhaling doubt. This is a must have for anyone looking to earn their letters!”

Jennifer Boudreau, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Coordinator

“After failing the SHRM-CP not once, but twice 190 and 180, I switched gears and FINALLY passed the PHR certification. After I got home from my second failed SHRM-CP exam, I switched gears and immediately signed up to take the PHR that same day. I used Victoria’s Bootcamp which really tied everything together for me. The boot-camp material and quiz was the boost I needed to get my pass. I would definitely recommend the boot-camp to anyone that needs additional effective study material. I would not have passed without it. Highly recommend!!!”

Roshandra Jones, PHR

HR Program Coordinator II

“Victoria’s boot camps are the worst-kept secret in HR exam prep! It’s easy to see why she’s so highly recommended by HR professionals. Her content is incredibly thorough. As a visual learner, I especially loved the handouts she included with the notes from the Boot Camp and easy-to-review list of applicable laws. I used her material and passed both my SPHR and SHRM-SCP exams on the first attempt!”

Kara Kelley, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Independent HR Consultant

“This bootcamp helped me focus on what to study. There’s so much information out there and using other sources helped but this bootcamp helped me know what information was important. I studied for about four months and passed.”

Claire Salinas, PHR

Instructional Designer

“Victoria’s Boot Camp was easily the single best investment I made for my professional development. Her presentation, course notes and handouts are concise and exactly what I needed for my test preparation. I could not have passed without it and recommend it for all testers!”

Brandt Kunz, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of Human Resources

“ConquerHR provides current and aspiring HR professionals an opportunity to vision and accomplish the unexpected or the unimaginable in a safe, brave space. As a career changer, I never truly felt comfortable with my title of an HR specialist. But, through my immersion in the ConquerHR educational program and online networking group, I learned I added value to my organization (and the profession) – however, I had to trust the process. Leaning on the ConquerHR team’s unique mix of coaching, virtual instruction, and humor, I accepted the challenge and developed a seasoned, strategic HR mindset. And with this new muscle, I passed my exams and learned how to amplify my voice in the workplace to champion opportunities for myself and others. Was it always easy? No. But, when you trust the process, you understand grace is fuel for motivation. Thank you, ConquerHR, for modeling grace, patience, and determination, for all of us! Cheers to many more years of strategic innovation as a certified HR professional!”


HR Specialist

“Victoria’s ConquerHR Boot Camp was an integral part of passing my PHR certification exam. I admit I did not dedicate as much self-study time leading up to the test, and without the boot camp I would have been lost! I purchased the pre-recorded boot camp so I could go at my own pace the week leading up to my exam date, and followed along with the study guides. The study guides were ESSENTIAL and I still use them as reference material for my job. Victoria does a great job at explaining hard to grasp concepts, different question types to expect on the exam, and how to successfully prep for your test. Even her tips on positive self-talk helped me power through the exam when I felt like I was failing. I purchased a couple of other study materials (flash cards and exam prep book), but ended up using the ConquerHR boot camp and materials almost exclusively. I highly recommend it!!”

Elise Wulff, PHR

People Operations Business Partner

“I participated in Conquer HR’s boot camp May of 2021 and passed the SHRM-CP and PHR shortly after. I did build a foundation using another learning management system But the boot camp Tied it all together and provided me with the tools to apply crucial Laws and HR concepts together. The mp3 of the boot camp was a life saver. I listened during my commute, while cleaning the house and even on a few road trips. I think the boot camp alone could help anyone pass as long as they have a good foundation in HR. I am so grateful For the HR Facebook group and boot camp and can’t recommend them enough for all HR professionals.”

Sonya Russell, SHRM-CP, PHR

HR Manager

“Victoria Purser’s Bootcamp was definitely the game changer for me, prior to taking her BC, I had attempted to take SHRM-CP twice, and both times, the results were the same 190, I was getting ready to give up when a friend told me about her, and I decided to give it a last shot, and also enroll in the PHR test, I told to myself go big or go home. I allowed myself 3 months of preparation, I listen to the recording on my way back and forth from work, and every night I will spend about two hours, reading the materials, prior to starting taking the practice test within the last 3 weeks. The way that she helped me connect the dots, was beyond amazing, every time I learn a little bit more, and I love how she from the get-go, advised don’t go down the weeds, which help me stay focused. At the moment of the tests, I could hear her voice in my head, telling me to always trust my gut, and don’t make any changes at least I had a reason behind it.”

Claudia Senn, PHR, SHRM-CP


“I could not have earned my pass without the Conquer HR Boot Camp! I listened to it daily leading up to my exam and was a life saver on test day. As I was answering the questions, I could hear Victoria’s voice in my head which helped so much. It is worth the investment!”

Rashida Merritt, SHRM-SCP

HR Generalist

“Victoria’s Bootcamp was invaluable in helping me earn my pass! She helped tie everything together for me and helped build my confidence as I studied by highlighting key concepts and study tips. A 7+ hour bootcamp is super intense, but Victoria is so engaging and encouraging all along the way! Her notes and handouts were essential in my study routine, and I listened to the recording about 5 times through! I really can’t say enough good things!”

Amber Pritchett, PHR

Employment Specialist

“I highly encourage all HR Exam Preppers to take ConquerHR’s Boot Camp with Victoria Purser! I used this Boot Camp in May of 2021 and passed both my SHRM-CP and PHR one week apart! You can honestly tell the love that Victoria has for HR throughout this meticulous course. Victoria’s desire to help her students pass these HR exams is inspiring! This course is extremely informational, but being able to review her handouts and the recorded session that you attended definitely helps when you are in the final days of your studies. If you are looking to pass these certification exams on your first attempt, please do yourself a favor and sign up for ConquerHR’s Boot Camp now!”

Ryan Yannetta, CPP, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of Implementation & Training

“”I have worked in HR for 20 years this year and for about 10 of those – I have always had the goal of achieving my SPHR. However, that goal continued to just take a back seat to my degrees, to job promotions, to life. Last year in 2021 I made the commitment that it was time to cross this off my bucket list. It’s true in my mind – I never age, but I know in reality that is simply just not true and I wanted to do this while I still had some career left to reap a return on my investment. I purchased another SPHR prep class and materials and felt like I was at least on solid footing. However, shortly after I switched jobs out of state and my goal of getting my SPHR once again took a back seat. I didn’t give up on my goal and I remained active on Victoria’s Facebook group. I would answer the questions she posted, I would interact with the community, and I would congratulate others as they were achieving the goals I so badly wanted to achieve. I’m convinced this is what kept me motivated to not give up and lose interest. Fast forward to May of 2022 – I made the last and final decision that I was going to finish what I started. I bit the bullet and signed up for Victoria’s Bootcamp not knowing what to expect other than what I was hearing from others in the community. I did the live version and I have to say it was BY FAR the best thing that I could have ever done. Honestly – you don’t even realize how much time you’re spending on the live Boot Camp because Victoria is so engaging and she teaches the information in a way that you just understand it. The other great benefit of her Boot Camp were the resources she provided you with to compliment the live Boot Camp. The way she lays out the materials is in an easy to comprehend method. Also – she doesn’t just teach you the knowledge but she teaches you the best test taking strategies. Her S.P.A.C.E. model and several of her graphs and charts helped me connect with the material in a way I wasn’t able to before. When I sat down to take the test she provides, I was feeling pretty confident in my knowledge. Then I scored my exam and that confidence quickly changed to doubt. When Victoria tells you it’s not just about knowing the material but it’s about knowing how to break down the questions – she wasn’t kidding. I barely squeaked out a 73% on her test. HOWEVER….what really helped me was that I then studied that test in detail. Victoria of course gives you the reasons why the right answer is the right answer which is helpful, but more helpful than that….she explains to you why the other answers are NOT the right answer. Fast forward to the day of the test – when I was taking the exam I felt like the questions were very close to the format and ways I learned from Victoria. I took her advice and I paused, slowed down and I didn’t change my answers. At the end of the exam when I got the YOU PASSED I was nearly in tears. I owe Victoria’s Bootcamp for this success and the support of the Bootcamp community. If you are thinking of testing for any of the exams – this will be money well spent!!”

Jeffery Reece, SPHR

Human Resources Director