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“You will absolutely not regret participating in Victoria’s Conquer HR Bootcamp. First off the material she provides is amazing, straight to the point, and written in regular language we all can understand, in comparison to the typical textbook language we have to decipher through. What I appreciated most was that she leaves out all of the fluff the other guys add and she really helped us zone in on the topics covered on the exam. As you go through each section she provides built-in quizzes and a wonderful visual aid with her slides. Then following the completion of her 7 hour, yes only a 7 hour course!!, she provides you will a plethora of additional supplemental tools. These tools include full blown practice exams, testing tips, charts, and summaries of each topic she discusses in her bootcamp. I passed my SPHR exam the first go around with no prior certifications held. Thank you Victoria, I’ve Conquered HR!”

Jo’Anna Guy-Powell, SPHR

Human Resource Generalist

“I highly recommend Victoria’s Boot Camp! I attended the live session before the SPHR and used my recording to study for the SCP. The senior level exams have a lot of information and knowledge. As recommended, I took the Boot Camp about four to six weeks prior to my exam and it was exactly what I needed! It helped me tie all of my studying and reading together. A few areas that were not clear in my other study guides were very clear when Victoria spoke about them. Hearing someone use some real-world examples, having someone monitor the chats to have questions answered, and having a full-day of training to tie it all together made a big difference for me.”

Eram Dhanani, SPHR and SHRM-SCP

Director of HR

“Investing in Victoria Purser’s Boot Camp is so worth it. After being overwhelmed with so much information to study preparing for my senior certification, right after attending the Boot Camp, all the information I’ve studied are starting to make sense. Victoria nailed down what to focus on the test and I can attest, after sitting on the SPHR and SHRM-SCP tests, the Boot Camp was a life saver. All of the materials that were included on the Boot Camp are significant to passing my senior certifications. There is no other study materials out there that is precise, well-organized and practical to be able to pass the test. I highly recommend the Boot Camp if your goal is to truly pass the test! You won’t regret investing on it!”

Claudine Rank-Belfield, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Human Resources Supervisor

“I cannot say enough about Victoria’s Bootcamp … I dragged my feet for a month before I bought the program. I had been studying and working fulltime and just was not retaining the information I needed to be comfortable passing the test. When I got the bootcamp, it came with so much information. A study booklet, an all day zoom class, and a recording. I chose to do the pre-recorded program which worked best for myself and my schedule. I took the class and then played the recordings nonstop any chance I could. Between that and the practice test/answer key I finally was understanding the information. I went into the test nervous but confident .. it completely prepared me and then i PASSED. I can’t rave enough about the program. It got me my PHR and an opportunity to further my career and education. Thank you for everything!”

Molly Rhoades, PHR

Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Victoria’s boot camp is THE BEST resource for professionals looking to take the next step in their career with a certification. She provides content as well as a community for you to grow and learn. During my exam I heard her soothing voice reminding me of the material and it calmed my nerves. The tips, tools, and advice she shares is the best, BAR none. If you utilize the material you will truly be set up for success.”

Michelle Wallace, PHR

Talent Acquisition Partner

“Victoria’s boot camps was the best investment decision that I had made to obtain my PHR. The content was valuable, clear and relevant. I don’t think I would have done it without it! Her notes are awesome and covers everything you need to know to get that pass. I highly recommend her boot camp.”

Kirti Mehrotra, aPHR, PHR

Human Resources consultant

“Victoria’s Bootcamp is a must. It was crucial to my pass! You can do either the live or the recorded one. The only reason I would suggest the live just to solely meet HR friends/colleagues to study with. That’s how I met Diana and Caitlin and they were so important to my studies/pass. Victoria genuinely cares about each person getting their pass. she will do everything in her power to ensure that you have the resources to succeed. She focuses on “passing dirty” meaning: focusing on only what you need to know to get that pass. I can’t recommend enough!”

Kate Bona, PHR

Human Resources Generalist

“I attended Victoria’s Bootcamp in May 2020! I would not have earned my pass if I didn’t take this course. Great resources were provided as well realistic examples! Not only did I learn a lot of information, it was also FUN! I would hands-down attend again! ! I am hoping she will provide other training courses on different areas of HR for professional development purposes! You will not regret taking this course!”

Lashawn Lewis-May, SHRM-CP

Recruiting and Onboarding Coordinator

“As a nervous test taker I felt unsure from the start. I knew I need the certification to advance my career in HR but was afraid to commit to a test and a date. I found the Conquer HR Bootcamp in a Facebook Study Group I was in. I observed quietly in the group to get a feel for what benefits the bootcamp would have. I quickly saw that Victoria the class teacher was a powerhouse of knowledge. Her answers to questions were always insightful, and brought you to look at situations through many perspectives. I signed up for the bootcamp and opted for the Live Class. I enjoyed the ability to ask questions and get an answer to not only guide me but teach me how and why. I felt so confident taking the test after bootcamp. There was nothing better then seeing the PASS on the screen. I cried. I plan on advancing and getting additional certifications and will most definitely be back to take the bootcamp again! Thank you Conquer HR and Victoria!”

Jennifer N LaPorte, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Director

“”Victoria is a consummate HR Professional with extension HR consultancy experience. Victoria’s Boot Camp is engaging and interactive 7 hour training, that is a comprehensive & fast moving. It is an essential course to take prior to certification exams. The strategic tips she provides are invaluable – and will really help build your confidence prior to taking the exam. These tips helped me pass fairly effortlessly. Victoria’s expertise and approach makes for an extremely valuable prep that is time and money well spent! I fully endorse Victoria’s boot camp / final review! If you fully commit to the day and remain engaged with Victoria you won’t be disappointed and you will earn your pass!”


Firm Administrator

“Victoria is a consummate HR Professional with extension HR consultancy experience. Victoria’s Boot Camp is engaging and interactive 7 hour training, that is a comprehensive & fast moving. It is an essential course to take prior to certification exams. The strategic tips she provides are invaluable – and will really help build your confidence prior to taking the exam. These tips helped me pass fairly effortlessly. Victoria’s expertise and approach makes for an extremely valuable prep that is time and money well spent! I fully endorse Victoria’s boot camp / final review! If you fully commit to the day and remain engaged with Victoria you won’t be disappointed and you will earn your pass!”

Elizabeth MacAleese, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Senior HR Business Partner

“Victoria’s program was instrumental in helping me earn my pass. I’ve been out of college for 20 years and hadn’t taken structured tests in decades. The course, style of delivery and materials made the difference for me. After studying for the better part of a year, I got my life back & realized my most important professional achievement. This endorsement may not be the most professional endorsement you will read. That is because getting the courage up to take the exam, spending precious time away from my family to prepare, and having this program offer me the boost that I needed to Conquer my exam is deeply personal. After this course, I felt like I could hear Victoria’s voice in my head. She gave examples that were relatable and offered tips on not just retaining data, but how to approach the test. I walked into the most intimidating exam of my life feeling calm and well prepared. If you are nervous, undecided or in any way on the fence about investing in this program, do yourself a favor, and sign up today! The results will transform your career!”

Monica Beyer, SPHR

Sr. Human Resources Manager

““I highly recommend Victoria’s boot camp, I feel that it was the extra boost I needed in my last 8 weeks of studying for my exam. Hearing her talk through some of the concepts gave me a better understanding of topics on the test material subjects that I was less familiar with and helped solidify my understanding of topics I was more familiar with. I did notice an increase in my practice exam scores after the boot camp and also I felt more confident.”

Jenny Thomas, PHR

Senior Recruiter

“Bootcamp was just what I needed to make it over the finish line and earn my pass! I was on a budget and a little skeptical, but I definitely made the right choice. If you are on the fence, let me encourage you to take the next step and purchase today!!”

Danielle Robinson, PHR

HR Generalist

““I absolutely attribute my successful passing of both the SPHR and SHRM-CP to Victoria’s ConquerHR Bootcamp. I attended the June 2021 Bootcamp on a Saturday and it was exactly what I needed right before my exam on July 8th. Victoria is very detailed and thorough in each area covered. Additionally, materials and attachments were sent in advance and following the Bootcamp. I highly recommend anyone sitting for these exams take Victoria’s Bootcamp. You will receive all the information you need to get your pass!”

Marisela Gomez, SPHR, SHRM-CP

Employee Relations Specialist

“When I decided to pursue the SPHR certification, I reached out to an HR friend of mine for her recipe to success. Victoria’s Boot Camp came highly recommended, and after purchasing the recorded session, it was a no brainer on why. Knowing my learning style, I knew the live session was not right for me, but once I found out that purchasing a recording of the most recent live session was an option, I did so right away. It was a great resource to review the material at my own pace and really helped tied things together the last month leading up to my exam. Hearing Victoria’s voice in the back on my mind on exam day helped me answer those tough questions and earn my pass on the first try. I could not have done it without her Boot Camp and highly recommend it to anyone looking to invest in themselves and their development.”

Amanda May, SPHR

Human Resource Manager

“I participated in Boot Camp May of 2019 and passed my PHR certification. Before signing up to the boot camp, I read so many valuable comments about Victoria’s Boot Camp but was hesitant in the beginning to purchase, but when I did, I was 200% satisfied and realized that flow of the entire boot camp tied all concepts together to earning “PASS”. Victoria’s handouts, recorded session and notes she provides along with and after the Boot Camps are so valuable that even today I go back to refer. I would highly recommend purchasing Victoria’s Boot Camp.”

Priya Vijayaragavan, PHR

HR Generalist

“The ConquerHR Boot Camp was a vital tool in passing both the PHR and SHRM-CP exams. Victoria has a unique gift when it comes to breaking down the information in a way that makes it easy to understand and remember. I still hear her voice in my head when dealing with a variety of different situations at work! Preparing for these exams is all about finding the resources that work best for you but the boot camp was hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I am beyond grateful for the knowledge that Victoria and her team are willing to share with us!”

Heather Ronk, PHR, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Manager

“If you have not taken the Conquer HR Bootcamp, are you really trying to pass your exam? This Boot Camp was everything. I stumbled upon Victoria and her support group on Facebook last year and I am so grateful I did. The Bootcamp ENHANCED my studying and gave me the confidence needed to pass my exam. I heard her voice when taking the exam, coaching me through with her acronyms and tips!!! I still frequent the recording for reference and utilize Victoria’s support study group for HR tips, advice and support from other professionals. She has truly helped me grow in my career! Never forget HR Pros, In the words of Victoria “Inhale Confidence. Exhale Doubt” (and I’ll add – purchase Conquer HR Boot Camp). Highly recommend folks, highly recommended.”

Camisha Farquharson, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Manager

“I took my PHR exam in June 2021 and I know Victoria’s Bootcamp was a huge reason why I earned my pass! Her written materials and recordings are filled with so much valuable information, but it’s broken down in a way that is easy to comprehend and remember. Victoria’s teaching style is engaging and thorough. I listened to the bootcamp recording so many times that I practically had it memorized! I also thought the practice exam questions and detailed explanations were very helpful for my exam prep. Thank you to Victoria for creating such informative content – I highly recommend it!”

Alexa Goulet, PHR

HR Generalist

“Victoria’s Boot Camp is the reason I passed the PHR! I initially took the exam after graduating with my BS in HR Management expecting to pass after completing a year of HR courses and some additional studying. I was so disappointed when I did not pass but knew I needed to retake it. I purchased a learning system which was helpful, but there was SO much information that it became overwhelming. Upon searching for HR groups on social media a few years ago, I found Victoria’s group. I enrolled in the boot camp and it helped me tie everything together as well as learn how to read and dissect the exam questions. If you invest in any study materials, this should be at the top of the list! It is 100% worth the cost.”

Kelly Bradymire, PHR

Talent Development & Recruitment Specialist

“Obtaining certifications was a personal goal for me. It wasn’t about a raise or promotion, it was about self achievement. I could have spent thousands of dollars trying out every study program out there that others recommended, but there were so many varying opinions. The only program that everyone agreed on as being the key to earning that sweet passing score is Victoria’s Bootcamp. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first and uneasy to shell out more money for yet another program as I already had an LMS and multiple apps. But I’m so happy that I did take that chance.

Victoria is a down to earth, easy person to learn from. She’s not reading from a textbook. She’s not talking in circles. She’s actually talking to you in ways that relate to real life experiences. For me she was the one that made concepts click for me, tying everything together so that when test day came I actually knew the material, not just memorized flashcards and information. I’m a young mom with 2 kids, so for me the recorded version was perfect. I was able to learn on my own schedule, at the pace I wanted. I played those recordings any chance I got. I even painted my deck one weekend while listening to her!

Through videos, handouts, recordings, practice tests, and visual references, Victoria goes that extra mile to ensure every type of learner is provided every possible tool to succeed. I had only 5 years of experience at a single employer before attempting to take the test. I am proud to say I am now SHRM-CP certified on the 1st try. Without the Bootcamp in my last month of studying I wouldn’t have been able to pass. Save yourself some money and invest in the right study program the first time.”

Katie Dushane, SHRM-CP

HR Generalist

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